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Women Fetish Wearing Extremely Tight Belt On Waist

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Women Fetish Wearing Extremely Tight Belt On Waist

the corset has evolved over the last few hundred years and the silhouette has always remained. it began as a way to hold in the bust while keeping the small of the back and the waistbone flat and horizontal. it only became tighter over time and was used to help make women smaller, as well as to increase the more obvious hourglass shape. it could also be used to control the position of the center of gravity. even if the exact change in how corsets changed is not known, modern corsets tend to be longer and narrower than those of the past. corsets can be made from a variety of materials, including metal and brocade.

the corset garment is a historic garment which has remained in common use since the middle ages, even though all the styles have changed. they have a certain stiffness that would have required a robust, strong woman to wear. the garments were used during the 17th and 18th centuries. they are often made of fine gauze, which can show through fine fabrics. modern day corsets use most typically seeings a steel tube construction, often covered with leather.

the corset can be made to fit either your whole body, or just one part of it, such as your torso. corsets can be worn with evening dresses, with other clothes, or by themselves. corsets are worn with evening dresses in the 1800's and the fashion of corsets and undergarments were similar to the time of queen elizabeth i (1533-1603). like many garments the corset has evolved over time, and at the beginning was not made to be hard.

clare hadn't lost a pound in five years. the corset had made her look thinner than her husband remembered, less curvaceous, and more willowy and young. neither of them could guess then why those corsets had done this to her. neither could guess in fact now why, when the corset finally arrived, she had thrown it in such a fit of rage, seeing only treachery behind the obedience. her life had been taken from her. two weeks later, when her body had healed and she was able to try the corset again, it had altered her so much and in such a way that she couldn't conceive of standing idly by while those cruel, small hands tied her like a prisoner in that same room. she had wriggled free and run out. 3d9ccd7d82

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